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“Institute “Minskgrazhdanproject”
Joint Stock Company

The Institute was founded in 1969 in accordance with the order of the Council of Ministers of BSSR, dated 27.10.69, No. 1086p, and Order of the state Construction Committee of BSSR, dated 28.10.69, No 110, as the Minsk province subsidiary of “Belgosproject” Institute.

The state institute “Minskgrazhdanproject” was established in January 1975 by the Order of the Council of Ministers of BSSR, dated 26.12.74, No. 362.

By the order of the Minsk Province Committee for Property, dated 28.02.95, No. 4, and by the decision of the Minsk Province Executive Committee “Institute “Minskgrazhdanproject” was established.

In 2000 the certificate of state registration was issued, wherein by the decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee, dated June 22, 2000, No. 709, “Institute “Minskgrazhdanproject” Joint Stock Company was registered in the Single State Register by No. 600013280.

“Institute “Minskgrazhdanproject” Joint Stock Company is a territorial design organization of the Minsk province for the residential construction and civil engineering. The main directions in the work include development of designs of micro-districts and housing estates, complex design of projects of residential and industrial construction and civil engineering, design-concepts, interiors, information activity, consulting services, fulfillment of functions of the head organization for introduction of the quality systems based on the international standards ISO of series 9000 at enterprises of the construction complex. The Institute has the licenses of the Republic of Belarus for the licensed activities.

Qualified and experienced specialists of the Institute are supported in their practical work with the modern achievements, starting from architectural and artistic concepts and ending with modern technologies of their implementation. The leading architects of the institute are the laureates of a number of international, regional and national architectural competitions. The Institute is equipped with computers – 210 PCs of the IBM type, the local computer network, devices of display of the graphical and textual information, software of more than 50 descriptions, The use of the modern material, technical and informational base allow us to keep pace with the time by guaranteeing the quality and concurrency of the decisions taken in connection with location, design, construction and commissioning of the projects. By wholly comprehending the importance of power saving the Institute was one of the first in the republic to be engaged in fulfillment of the state program in the field of power saving. Big attention is paid to development of effective methods and means of modernization and provision of heating to the existing buildings, the use of the modern materials in designing the new buildings, application of decentralized sources of power supply.

Over the 35-year experience the list of projects output by the Institute includes about 6000 projects – from urban complexes of the capital, cities of the province, a number of small historical towns and settlements of the urban type to specific residential and public buildings, educational projects, health care, culture, entertainment and sports. Designs of the Institute will be used for construction of buildings of the religious intention for various confessions.

In 1988 “Institute “Minskgrazhdanproject” Joint Stock Company was one of the first companies of the post-Soviet republics to start development and introduction of the quality system according to the requirements of the international standards of ISO series 9000, in 2000 it was certified for compliance with the national standard STB ISO 9001-96 and registered in the register of the certification system of RB by No. BY/112

In 2002 we started transformation of the existing system of quality management according to requirements of ISO 9000-2000, and after completion of the work in 2003 we obtained the respective national certificate.

The quality management system is based on the idea of production organization, when the result of the activity is wholly dependant on the requirements of the customer, and it must meet the requirements of all interested parties.

The model of the quality management system is a sequence of interrelated processes and procedures conforming to the technology of development of the design and estimate documents and differing from traditional organization of the work of the design institute, that the quality of our production is guaranteed not only by its control , but mainly by control of the production process management.

Our principles of work include the novelty of architectural solutions, the complex resolution of tasks, high quality of the production, observance of the business ethics and permanent professional growth.

Our strategic task is reaching the economic stability and the leading position on the market of the design services.

Our distinctive feature is the permanent orientation to future requirements of the market.

We are confident that that work with us will guarantee obtaining the high results which meet the requirements and expectations of the customers.

Our achievements:

The Honors Diploma for high achievements in the construction branch of the Republic of Belarus in 2004 – “OSCAR” in Construction”.

The State Award of the Republic of Belarus (Ross settlement of Grodno province);

The Award named after Korol (teleport of the Republic of Belarus);

Prizes of republican architectural concourses.

Description of organization

“Institute “Minskgrazhdanproject” Joint Stock Company

Mail address

20A, Collectornaya str., Minsk, 220004, Republic of Belarus



+375 17 362 91 35

+375 17 320 18 99


Clearing account

IBAN BY74BLBB30120600013280001001 in Moscovsky department of Minsk

“BELINVESTBANK” Open Joint Stock Company, code 741,

UNP 600013280 BIC BLBBBY2X

Chairman of the Supervising Council


Bykovsky Alexey Olegovich

Chief Engineer of the Institute

Savitsky Yuri Gennadievich
tel: +375 17 367 92 06

Deputy Director for architecture

Teltsov Alexandr Pavlovich
tel:  + 375 17 375 25 01

Chief Accountant

Ulasevich Inna Petrovna
tel: +375 17 259 48 27